False Promises on SEO

"False Promises on SEO"There are many people who are trying to establish their website without any knowledge of proper SEO techniques. There are certain techniques that can be used to help your site to gain more traffic. There are many people online who are spreading false information when it comes to SEO techniques. They advise people to take steps that are morally or legally wrong in order to promote or populate their site. There are certain practices that you should avoid at all costs if you want your site to rank high.

Some site owners will use false promises in order to get SEO dense content for their site. They will hold a “casting call” for writers with false claims that a new writing position is available. They will often claim that the pay is amazing and request a “sample” article about their niche to be written. The writers will then write the “SEO sample” and submit it to the company. The less reputable site owners will then use the articles to fill their site with content and either not pay the writers for the sample or pay very little for it. They will also never hire a writer to write for their company. This is not a good SEO tactic to use. If a writer notices that their work is used on your site without their permission, they could report you to the search engines and it could cause you to have your site deindexed.

There are also some companies who are claiming to be able to fill your site with SEO rich content that is guaranteed to help your site gain ranking immediately. This is not possible. No content will get any site an instant jump in ranking. It can take some time for the search engines to recognize a site’s change in their SEO tactics. It is important to realize that loading your site with content is not always the best way to gain ranking. Many sites make the mistake of loading a lot of the same content that has been spun in different ways. This is not an SEO tactic that will be helpful to the site. When the search engines recognize that the same information is found in multiple locations throughout the site, they will drop the ranking of the site and it could cause the site to see quite a significant drop in traffic. The best SEO tactics to use are the ones that are legitimate and trusted. Your site will not jump in ranking over night but it will happen if you follow the right strategies.

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