Facebook Working On Online Safety Campaign

"safety online"Facebook have announced that they will be working with attorney generals in the US to help to educate young people about online safety.

Facebook announced today that they will be working together with 19 attorney generals on a campaign to let people know about the dangers that can be online and how to protect themselves against these dangers.

Speaking about the partnership Doug Gansler, the president of the National Association of Attorneys general said that Facebook will be distributing public service announcements aimed at teenagers and their parents about controlling online information and just what people access on social media sites such as Facebook and on the internet in general.

The announcements will be posted by Facebook on their safety pages while the same announcements will also appear on the attorney generals websites and official sites linked to them.

Doug Gansler told press: “We hope this campaign will encourage consumers to closely manage their privacy and these tools and tips will help provide a safer online experience.”

Facebook are also planning on releasing an information video to accompany the campaign with the video addressing the top concerns of not only teenagers and other Facebook users but also aimed at teachers and parents.

The video will tackle issues such as online bullying, privacy settings and general online safety issues while also letting people know how they can use online services and sites while protecting their own privacy levels.

While the move has been seen by many as a positive one and a move in the right direction to try and protect people while online it has also been met with criticism.

Jeffrey Chester, a privacy advocate and director of the Center for Digital Democracy has spoken out about the new partnership.

He said to press: “Facebook’s practices regarding teens, especially its data collection and ad targeting, require investigation – not just some glossy educational videos and tip sheets.

“Gansler’s fell good effort fails to deliver what parents, teens and other Facebook users require: strong privacy safeguards giving real control over their data.”

Facebook has been at the centre of privacy complaints for some time now but the company continues to change its policies to try and protect users.  Only recently the privacy settings for users were made more accessible in a bid to make them simpler to use and to adapt for their posts.

being safe online is an issue that worries many parents as increasing numbers of young teenagers spend a lot of time online and on social media sites where their private information is easily shared with other people and could potentially be misused.

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