Facebook Users Down In US And UK

"facebook salary"The number of users on the worlds largest social network has been shown to have fallen in the major markets of the UK and the US.

A report in The British newspaper The Guardian showed figures fro the analyst firm SocialBakers and these figures show that the number of Facebook users in the UK has fallen.

Last month alone UK Facebook users fell by 1.4 million – roughly by 4.5 percent of all users in the UK said the unofficial figures.

While the outlook for Facebook in the UK may be worrying they appear to be facing similar problems across the Atlantic in the US where 6 million users (4 percent) have left the social networking site.

It appears that this decline in the number of users in the UK and the US is not just confined to last month and the trend shows that over the past 6 months Facebook have lost 2 million users in the UK and 9 million less people in the US are now using the service compared to just six months ago.

Numbers may be down in the developed world but in the developing super countries of Brazil and India are still seeing masses of people joining up to Facebook while in the UK and US saturation point was drawing close.

Facebook maybe experiencing some problems in the number of people using the service but it has not been confirmed if this is linked to the latest announcement by Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook who has declared that he will now only be taking a salary of $1 a year.

He becomes the latest in a line of technology moguls who have slashed their wages with others taking a similar wage including Steve Jobs from Apple, and Larry Page from Google.

The wage cut  may not be due to financial worries of Facebook but perhaps is instead because he simply has so much money already he really does not need to take a wage anymore.

According to Forbes Mark Zuckerberg is worth a massive $13.3 billion and has a huge amount of stocks in Facebook which will only add to his wealth.

It is said that the €500,000 wage he used to receive was not his main income anyway being as he make most of his money from stocks so the loss of the wage should have no real impact on his daily life and is seen as more of a symbolic gesture to the company, advertisers and those who work for the company.



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