Facebook Used To Support Accused Marines

"facebook support marines page"A Facebook page to support the seven marines accused of murder has been set up and already has more than 38,000 likes.

The Facebook group has been set up in support of the seven marines who were arrested on suspicion of murder following an incident which occurred in Afghanistan last year.

The group was set up on Thursday by three people and has already attracted thousands of people who want to support this controversial cause.  It is thought that the people who set up the page are members of the 3 Commando Brigade which served in Afghanistan between April and October 2011.

“Support the 7 Royal Marine Commandos arrested for murder in Afghanistan” has seen thousands of people like the page and post comments of support for the seven marines who were announced as being arrested on suspicion of murder by the British Ministry of Defence on Thursday.

In the information section of the page it is written: “This page is set up to show support for the seven Royal Marine Commandos arrested for murder for an event which happened in Afghanistan 2011 where no civilians were injured and one gunman killed which shot at the FIRST.”

In one of the posts by the group it is written that they themselves are being deployed soon adding weight to the theory that the site has been set up by serving personnel.

“ppl with this page growing in numbers so quick and thats thanks to all ur support i will need to add a few more admin ppl as im deploying to afghan in the nxt few days and wont be able to keep an eye on it to keep those sad ppl that use pages like this to get a reaction from posting offensive and sometimes hurtful stuff on here if u would like to help me out then let me know many thanks and keep showing ur support for the commandos!!!!”

Many of the posts by the owners of the page are thanking everyone for all their support in the case but also asking for petitions and action to be taken to ensure that the seven marines are given “justice”.

The latest post from the group owners said: “Now is the time to take action, some of the seven may have been released but some have been charged and every one of them needs to know that we as their country of birth are behind them 100%. Come on people time for the british bulldog spirit! FREE THEM ALL NOW! -DM”

Many supporters of the page have used it as an opportunity to criticise the British military however the page owners have urged people not to post anything that could “ruin” the campaign that they are currently trying to keep high on the political agenda and within the media around the world.



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    Jean A Lewis October 17, 2012, 6:58 pm

    do not put our lads through this, they have done enough for our country just being there


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