Facebook Used By An Ex Girlfriend To Frame Former Boyfriend For Crime

"facebook stalking"An ex-girlfriend used Facebook to set up a false page and frame her former boyfriends new girlfriend for stalking.

A report in the British newspaper the Daily Mail details how a woman from Michigan is now facing criminal charges after it is alleged she set up a Facebook account where she effectively “stalked herself”.

The woman, named as Cheryl Nelson, is said to have complained to the sheriffs department that she had become the victim of stalking, harassment and other crimes.

However. when the case was investigated the sheriffs office found that the 52 year old woman had actually set up the account herself and had used information from her ex boyfriends new girlfriend to make it look like it was her who was committing the crime.

Now Cheryl Nelson is being charged with falsely reporting a felony and unlawful posting of a message according to Mlive.com.

Detective Jason Russo from the sheriff’s department told press that they believe the woman had acted in such a way because she was unable to let go of her relationship with her ex boyfriend and used Facebook as a means of revenge.

The case details incidents that Cheryl Nelson invented between November 2011 and October 2012 where she claims she was the victim of stalking, harassment, assault and a home invasion.

Cheryl Nelson also alleged that her former boyfriend and new girlfriend also posted threatening letters to her and stuck threatening notes to her front door during this time.

When police looked into the case they also issued a search warrant for the computer owned by Cheryl Nelson and it was here that they found the evidence that she had launched the campaign of terror simply against herself and had tried to then make it look like others had been responsible.

Jason Russo wrote in an affidavit that “Nelson made (an) admission that she had been falsely reporting crimes because she was not able to let go of her relationship with Kevin.

“Evidence shows that Nelson used her computer to set up false Facebook accounts using Kevin Haarsma’s personal information.

‘Nelson used this account to make it appear that she was being stalked and harassed by Kevin’s new girlfriend by posting threatening messages,’ concluded the detective.

The case highlights the potential for people to impersonate others while using social media forms such as Facebook but also shows that evidence to prove the real author of a post can be found easily if detectives are able to gain access to home computers.

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