Facebook To Collaborate With HTC To Create Android Phone

"facebook phone"Facebook may have more than one billion active users but the company does not look like it is resting on it laurels with the news that the social media giants are planning on working with HTC to create its very own Android smartphone.

The news about the partnership has not yet been made official by Facebook but details of the software involved have been leaked to the Android Police website.

The central focus of the new software is expected to be what is known as Facebook Home. This is an application that can be used to download onto any Android phone and from this users can then customise their phone using various functions with everything adjustable from the camera on the phone to how the home screen appears.

This new software could potentially see Facebook manipulating the enormous Android market and is it expected to be demonstrated by Facebook on the HTC phone known as Myst.

Rumours about a Facebook phone have been bounding about for the past two years but it looks like the fruits of their work may finally be coming together for the public to see.  The name of the project to develop the Facebook phone has been referred to by its code name “Buffy”.

Although no firm details about what the phone or the software will actually be like many have been speculating after they have have been following a number of different patents that have been filed by members of Facebook including one known as the “uberfeed”-

The website Unwiredview state that they believe that the uberfeed will be able to be viewed from a locked home screen and that it will be able to collect information not only from Facebook but also from emails, texts and even news sources.

Other interesting developments being muted include enhanced caller identification which could potentially allow a person to have access to not only the name and photo and contacts of a person but would also give prompts such as how many children they have, what their names are and where they last went on holiday.

All of these improvements may be ground breaking but Facebook have realised that not everyone is looking for such an information overload and it is being said that there will be an option for users to simply turn the facility off if you don’t want all of your contacts knowing what you are up to at every minute of the day.

With the mobile phone celebrating 40 years since it was first invented it looks like a new age of the mobile phone may be dawning with such inventive and ingenious software for phones hopefully being made available to the public in the very near future.


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