Facebook Party Leads To Riot In Holland

"Facebook Party Leads To Riot In Holland"

Thousands of people descended on a small town in Holland after a party invitation posted on the social networking site went viral.

An invitation on Facebook by a girl wanting to celebrate her 16th birthday was left public instead of private on the site and ended up being sent to around 30,000 people according to reports.

The small town of Haren in the Netherlands was ready for the party with riot police being drafted in to break up crowds of party goers.

In the end, the 16 year old girl who created the event ended up leaving her home for the weekend as thousands of people descended on the small town of only 19,000 inhabitants.

Officially the part had been cancelled with police appealing to anyone intending to attend to turn away but still 30,000 people came to the town.

A spokesman from the Groningen police department told AFP news agency: “She  posted the invitation on Facebook and sent it to friends, who then sent it to other friends and soon it spread like wildfire across the Internet.”

Police were sent to the town and to keep people away from the street where the girl lies but trouble soon began and police found themselves being hit with stones and bottles by visitors who had come to the town after hearing about the party.

According to reports around six people were injured during the party that turned into a riot and 20 arrests were made by police.

During the riot shops were looted, property was vandalised, street signs and lamp posts were damaged and a car was even set on fire according to the Reuters news agency.

While the Facebook party spun out of control the media in Holland were also blamed for giving it too much publicity and were accused of encouraging people to attend the party by covering the story too much in the run up to the riot.

Police in Holland were also criticised by those at the party for over reacting to the people who were there and in turn creating a more hostile environment than there needed to be.

Some of the people at the party were spotted wearing “Protect X Haren” T-shirts, referencing a film released earlier this year which dramatised a party that went out of control.  The film Project X was seen as a form of inspiration for some for the party.

Anyone organising a party or an event using Facebook as the way to let people know about it, is advised to check their privacy settings before posting it to prevent future incidents from occurring.

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