Facebook Now Even Knows When You Are About To Start A Relationship

"facebook relationship status news"Facebook is known for being the one place in the world where you possibly share too much information about yourself and with so many pictures, shares, interactions and messages passing through the social network each day with just a single user it is no surprise to find that this data can be manipulated to find out many things about a person and the latest is to predict when you will start a relationship.

Facebook have now released data that proves that the site can work out when a person will start a new relationship and change their status from single to being in a relationship thanks to some rather handy anonymised aggregated data.

It may not sound all that romantic but according to Facebook the average number of times that you share posts between yourself and another person can indicate when a relationship is about to start.

Researchers took a look at the 100 posts leading up to a change in relationship status and examined the number of messages and posts being shared among the two people before they have announced that they are together on Facebook.

This study found that there is a steady day to day increase in the number of posts being shared between the two people before they become an official couple.

These shared posts continue to rise steadily until the relationship status is changed to them being in a relationship and then the number of shared posts then falls dramatically.

Facebook have put the drop in shared posts down to being because the couple now have decided “to spend more time together, courtship is off, and online interactions give way to more interactions in the physical world.”

This shows that perhaps social media is playing a more important role in helping people to get into relationships but that it does not seem to be so important in maintaining that relationship in the real world.

However the researchers also found that a more positive mood could be detected on Facebook once a person has gone into a relationship.  The study found that the number of positive words such as happy and love increased massively when in a relationship in comparison to those who had a single status and that this positive mood continued some time after the relationship began.

And it turns out that Facebook is still used by many people who are looking for love, or it may just be a good way for single people to kill some time after a break up!  The researchers found that those who recently changed their status from in a relationship to single were using Facebook around 225 percent more than when they were in a relationship, although the researchers found that a lot of this traffic was due to private messages and comment of support being left on the persons timeline after the ed of a relationship.

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