Facebook New Private Messages Could Rival Google

"messages facebook"A new system to send private messages through Facebook could see the worlds largest social media platform taking on Google.

It is being rumoured that Facebook will be launching a new way for users to send private messages that will see it becoming quicker and easier than ever to send a private message to another friend.

The new system is said to be able to allow people to send a private message directly through the status box on Facebook, allowing users to bypass the message panel and allowing people to save time when sending any messages, especially on mobile devices.

These new plans from Facebook could see them coming up in direct competition to Google and Google Hangouts which are due to launch a similar cross member chat service linking together Google+ and Google Mail users and allowing private message to be sent easily through mobile devices and desktop computers.

The new Facebook messaging service is expected to be trialled on a small number of users some time this year with the results of this then leading to tweaks to the system before it is rolled out across the social media network.

At the moment on Facebook if you want to send a private message to another friend on Facebook you need to click on the messages icon or on the messages panel to be able to start a private conversation or to send a private message but the new format would allow messages to be sent directly from the status box and then directed to the correct person.

It is being rumoured that the new messaging service from Facebook would also have various other new features.  According to TechCrunch the plans from Facebook also include the option to allow Facebook users to add videos and photos easily to messages directly from the status box.

All of these plans may be good news for Facebook users but have to be a blow for Google who only recently announced the new Google Hangouts service which also works as a cross platform messaging service in a very similar way to this new messaging service from Facebook.

There has been no official comment from Facebook about the rumours surrounding the messaging services however in January of this year they did confirm that they had plans to start charging users who want to send messages to people who they are not already friends with with a premium charge being applied to very popular people.


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