Facebook Home Sees 500,000 Downloads In 5 Days

"facebook home"The latest app from Facebook for Android devices has seen 500,000 users download the app in the first five days since its launch.

Facebook Home was launched for Androids on April 16 and has already reached this important milestone in app download numbers but while for many these numbers seem impressive it is hard to really see if this has been a true success for Facebook.

However, the Facebook home app isn’t really an app in the traditional sense of the word, it is actually more of a user interface for a phone and because of this being such a new concept the number of downloads is pretty remarkable as many users will still not fully understand how to use such an app and how to make it work for them.

Facebook Home works as a form of centre for a phone and brings together data from Facebook to the homepage of a phone where users can easily then see updates, newsfeed and information and pictures without even having to unlock the phone in most cases.

When used on a smartphone Facebook becomes the central point for information for users and the hopes for the app as the basis for all smartphone users is very high.

Half a million downloads in such a short space of time sounds very good but critics are reminding people that this is hardly anything when you compare the numbers to other apps.  The highly anticipated Instagram for Android app saw more than one million people downloading the app in a single day when it was launched making the Facebook Home launch seem very weak.

It is also being noted that with more than a billion users on Facebook half a million downloads is a very small proportion of users who have taken up the opportunity to install the app onto their Android.

Numbers for the app are being hindered by the limitations of the app to be used on all devices at the moment.  Currently Facebook Home can only be downloaded to a few devices including the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II and the HTC One X.

Once the app is available for more phones then the true popularity of the app will then be able to be assessed.

Facebook have been actively working to integrate their social media platform on to mobile devices and the Facebook Home app looks like being their way into the market and into convincing advertisers that Facebook can reach the increasing number of users who only access social media on mobile devices.






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