Facebook, Google And Others Team Up Against Spying

"internet spying news"Google and Facebook have teamed up with other technology giants in the industry to call for an end to spying on the public by the NSA.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and LinkedIn have all formed an alliance together to try and halt the spying on of the public by the US government and the NSA.

The combined group of technology superpowers have called themselves the Reform Government Surveillance group and are looking to President Barack Obama and other members of Congress to change the current laws in favour for new ones that will protect the privacy of members of the public.

This is the first time that the companies, who are usually sen as bitter rivals, have come together to work for a single common cause and it is hoped that the power of the companies will help to influence the US government to work to protect the privacy of citizens and to also bring in laws that would see the NSA held to account for its actions in the future.

The reality of the scope of the NSA and the powers that it has to spy on members of the general public were revealed by whistle blower and former NSA employee Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden released information to the global press that suggested that the NSA were actively tapping into the communication links between the Yahoo and Google data centres.

Since the revelations members of the public and internet and technology companies have been calling for changes to be made to the laws to protect their privacy.

CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer said: “Recent revelations about government surveillance activities have shaken the trust of our users, and it is time for the United States government to act to restore the confidence of citizens around the world.”

The new group and human rights groups all believe that the spying of the government on the public should be restricted in the future.

An open letter from the group published on their website said: “We understand that governments have a duty to protect their citizens. But this summer’s revelations highlighted the urgent need to reform government surveillance practices worldwide,” the group said in an open letter published on its website.

“The balance in many countries has tipped too far in favour of the state and away from the rights of the individual – rights that are enshrined in our Constitution.

“This undermines the freedoms we all cherish. It’s time for a change.”

Barack Obama and the US government are yet to respond to the group.







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