Facebook Founder Zuckerberg Encourages Businesses To Think Big

"facebook ideas plans success"The founder of Facebook and one of the most well known names in the technology world, Mark Zukerberg, spoke about what got him started in the industry and what made him successful at a small conference in the US yesterday.

Around 1,700 people packed into the Stanford Memorial Hall to be able to listen to one of the most powerful men in social media.

Mark Zukerberg was the featured speaker at the Y Combinator’s start up school  and was interviewed on stage by the Y- Combinator co founder Paul Graham.

There was no talk on stage about the difficult issues facing Facebook at the moment and instead the conversation was very much focused on looking at how Zuckerberg went form being a college student to becoming the head of a social network with more than one billion users worldwide.

The focus was very much on the early days back at Harvard where Zuckerberg worked to grow the company slowly without the aim of making it a big business first but instead concentrating on building up the network school by school and then server by server.

He stressed that he was very focused on strengthening Facebook not because he wants to make it the biggest company in the world but because he “really wanted this” and was passionate about what he was trying to achieve with Facebook.

As he was talking to a room full of people who are entrepreneurs he also spole about what he thought was important to look at when building up a company and stressed the importance of looking at the bigger picture rather than getting caught up in small problems.

A lot of companies O see are working on small problems.  Companies getting started now are trying top copy stuff others are doing and just aren’t going to be successful,” said Mark Zuckerberg.

He added: “Explore what you want to do before committing and keep yourself flexible.”

For Zuckerberg he believes that if you have a great product then you should always strive to punch above your weight as the world will soon see that you have something important and of value.

When Facebook first began it was to keep people in touch who were at college and many of the first users had only around 150 friends as this is the real amount of people one person can keep in touch with usually but Facebook has seen many people have hundreds and hundreds of friends now and this is seen as changing the way people interact in the world.

“Our definition of technology is that it extends human capability.  A social network expands people’s real social capacity,” said Zuckerberg.

So think big, aim high and make friends according to Mark Zuckerberg – just don´t mention advert revenue, share prices and mobile technology.



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