Facebook For Every Phone app Reaches 100 Million Users

"facebook for every phone users"The Facebook for every phone app now boasts a massive 100 million users around the world and has been credited with enabling phone users in developing parts of the world to have faster and better access to the internet with less sophisticated phone handsets.

The Facebook for every phone app was designed to be used on phones that did not have massive capabilities and was seen as being a key way for the social media giants to gain access to the emerging developing world market – an area that they were previously unable to tap into fully because of the lack of technology being available for the average person.

Low end phone hand sets are still very common in India and the Philippines but this special app could be downloaded onto very simple devices and still allow people to connect through Facebook on their phones.

The Facebook for every phone app was first launched in July 2011 and phone users are able to access photos, the news feed and messenger through the app.

While the app is similar in its form allowing it to be used on every phone, it also requires much less data to run which makes it an affordable choice for those on a budget in developing countries where data can be an expensive luxury.

Ran Makavy from Facebook said: “Ultimately, Facebook for Every Phone is a fast and easy to use native app that works on more than 3,000 different types of feature phones from almost every handset manufacturer that exists today.

“In just two years, Facebook For Every Phone has successfully put Facebook into the hands of millions of people around the world with limited access to the internet, giving them the power to connect and share.”

The move from desk top users to mobile users has been one that Facebook have been focusing on for some time, although the advertising revenue from this has not yet followed as the popularity of using Facebook on your phone has increased.

Facebook had been previously criticised for coming late to the mobile party but have since made huge gains in mobile users which has helped to keep investors in the company happy with its progress.

The number of people now using their mobile phone or tablet to access Facebook is now at 751 million around the world – a huge increase of 54 percent in comparison to a year earlier and demonstrating the progress that has been made by Facebook in this area in a very short space of time.

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