Facebook And Twitter Look To Muscle In Where TV Advertisers Cannot This Summer

"social-media-adverts"This is the time of year that sees people all around the Northern hemisphere taking a summer break and while they may have left their televisions behind with the bad weather at home, it is hard to spot a person on the beach this year who is not checking their Facebook or Twitter feed.  The two social media giants of Facebook and Twitter are now trying to capitalise on this situation with sales staff approaching companies to remind them that social media may be the only way to keep in touch with clients over the summer holiday period.

Facebook have launched a campaign called “reach the beach” with the aim of doing just that – reaching the millions of people who are sat (most of them bored) on the beach with their smartphone.

It is now that heads of social media companies are proclaiming that the television screen is no longer the primary screen in the lives of most people with the mobile screen now holding the top spot as the screen people spend most of their time looking at.

The amount of money spent on advertising on television by the end of the year is expected to reach around $205 billion around the world but when you consider that more people are staring at their smart phone than ever before the potential for money making from advertising on mobile devices is huge.

Twitter have already been working with the television market and asking people to tweet during their favourite television shows to see the level of interaction between television viewer and smartphone user and now Facebook are also venturing into the world of television by trialing 15 second adverts that can screen on Facebook beginning in October.

This could meant that many more advertisers look to place their money into social media campaign rather than on television advertising.

What will be interesting to see in the near future is if the very public domain of Twitter where everyone can see your tweets, proves to be more popular than the private world of Facebook where messages and conversations are limited to friend groups.

The future of social media advertising is looking very bright indeed and the summer season could just be the tip of a very big iceburg with mounds of cash for social media networks just hiding beneath the surface.


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