Facebook Ads Vs Google Adwords

"Facebook Ads Vs Google Adwords"In the world of Internet marketing, there are two Websites that have become the bread and butter of success in the business; Facebook and Google. Both of these sites are important to a marketer because they both help Web searchers find your Web site, which of course, helps to build your business, your success and your income.

In terms of monetizing your Web site, both Facebook and Google offer ad campaigns. The aim of the ad campaigns on both of these sites it to attract your targeted audience and to build your income. If you have thought about adding Facebook Ads or Google Adwords to your site, but you are on the fence and don’t quite know which option is the best for you, keep on reading to find out more information that will help you make your decision.

Targeted Audience. One of the aims of both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads is to capture the attention of your targeted audience, however, each of these sites targets these audiences in a different way. Google’s Adwords aims at targeting individual users while they are search for a specific product, while Facebook Ads targets groups of people.

Analytics. In order to know whether or not your ad campaign is working for you, you need to be able to look at analytics and testing. If you are using Google Adwords, this process is conducted using Google Analytics, which is easy to use, easy to read and very consistent. In contrast, Facebook Ads uses Facebook Insights to read this information, which isn’t always easy to understand and can be a bit inconsistent.

Google Adwords are Easier. I have to say that Google Adwords are just easier to use, which automatically makes them more appealing. The tools of Adwords are easy to use, designed well – and they are free. Google has been doing this sort of business for a long time, so they really do have it down to a science and they really do know what they are doing. Now, Facebook Ads do have their benefits, but they can be a bit more confusing to figure out.

If you are looking to drive more traffic to your Web site, to build your success and to boost your income using a pay per click campaign, you are likely considering using either Facebook Ads or Google Adwords; the two most commonly used pay per click campaigns. Each of these campaigns have their benefits, but consider the needs of your Web site and how each of the campaigns can help you reach your goals before making your decision to use one or the other.

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