F Is For Favicons

"F Is For Favicons"Today in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am going to be discussing favicons for the letter ‘F.’ In Internet marketing, there are many terms, acronyms and phrases that you will hear and if you familiarize yourself with these terms, acronyms and phrases, then you will be more familiar with the Internet marketing industry, on a whole. Now, the word ‘favicons’ is one of the terms that you will often hear used in this industry, and this word combines the two words ‘favorite’ and ‘icons.’ In short, favorite icons, of ‘favicons,’ are those small graphics symbols that you see placed on a Web site or a Web page. A favicon represents a particular Web site and it is unique to a particular Web site.

A Web master will design a favicon to use in association with a specific Web site, and that favicon will then be seen as the symbol that represents that Web site. Think about Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter, and now think about the different icons that are used to represent these sites. Google has their symbolic letter ‘g’ as a favicon, Yahoo uses a ‘y,’ Facebook uses the letter ‘f’ and Twitter utilizes a flying bird as their favicon. These icons are no doubt, associated with their respective Web sites and just seeing them, you know what Web site they are associated with. These favicons are often displayed in a browser’s address bar when you are using that specific Web site, and they are also used to indicate the Web site elsewhere. Look at Facebook, for example; you can see their favicon displayed on a variety of sources, including television commercials and magazine ads.

As a Web master, if you want to get your Web site noticed, you want to customize it, and a favicon is a great way to customize your site. If you are interested in creating a favicon for your Web site, you can generate it yourself. But, if you aren’t skilled at generating graphics, there are services out there that specialize in designing favicons. No matter if you design it yourself, or if you have a service design it for you, you should put some creative thought into the look of your favicon. It should relate to your Web site in some way – be based on the name or the content of the site, for example – and it should be unique.

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