Etsy Workers Are Some Of The Happiest In The Workplace

"etsy workers news"Etsy is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of online retail and social media as the company goes from strength to strength online and new data has revealed that it is also a great company to work for with employee satisfaction at more than 80 percent.

The positive feel of the website and ethos of being a place to make money while also doing something you love appears to have transferred into the real life business of Etsy with the Happiness Survey of the company revealing that when it comes to a sense of personal well being, employees earned a score of 84 percent.

The overall level of employee satisfaction was rated as being at 80 percent, much higher than the average found within an American company which usually sees scores of around 60 percent.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that employees are allowed generous leave options or it could be to do with the fact that the company has dog friendly offices, craft workshops and even a breathing room available for meditation and yoga but all of this has helped to make Etsy an increasingly popular company to work for.

While it was great news overall and in the Values Alignment aspect of the survey the results were a very impressive 91 percent, there was a dark cloud on the horizon for the company shown in the survey with only 46 percent satisfaction in relation to workload with many expressing dissatisfaction when it came to stress levels at work and an inability to complete all assignments during work hours.

Etsy employs nearly 500 employees in total with the majority of these being based in their Brooklyn offices, around 350, and 45 more in their Hudson offices.  The company also has 32 remote workers in the US and another 12 remote workers internationally.  There are also bases with offices in Dublin, London, Berlin, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris and Sydney.

Perhaps one of the most interesting discoveries about Etsy that was revealed through the report was the existence of the Etsy Ministry of Unusual Business, a facet of the company which was founded in 2013.

The company said that the survey was part of the work of the ministry and added: “The Ministry (of Unusual Business) is a shadow organization within Etsy that works to inspire, connect, surprise, and delight Etsy employees. Its operations are secret, though all employees around the world are empowered to call upon The Ministry, and participate in Ministry actions.

Among other programs, The Ministry anonymously recognizes people for good work through notes of recognition and small gifts. Capitalizing on the psychological importance of surprise, employees are nominated for specific work and then receive an unexpected gift from The Ministry thanking them for their efforts.”

It looks like Etsy is making inspiring changes not only to the online retail marketplace but also in the world of company ethics and is certainly one to watch for the future.

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