eBay Reveal Most Popular Items On The Auction Site

"ebay news mobile"Even only a decade ago it would have been hard to imagine people all over the world using an auction site to buy and sell their goods in their millions but eBay has grown into one of the largest sites in the world and the online auction site has now revealed the most popular items sold on the site each day via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The results from eBay have shown that the most popular items to be sold on the site are clothes, shoes and accessories with a pair of women’s shoes being sold through the site every 15 seconds around the world via a mobile device.

Coming in behind fashion items as the most popular categories were technology and motors in second and third place.

in the UK a car is sold via tablet and smartphone every three minutes while the next most popular items came from the home and garden section of the site for people buying items via mobile devices.

In the UK the most popular place to shop on your mobile device was found to be Birmingham which was then followed by South London, Sheffield, Nottingham and Bristol.

Most of eBay sales used to take place through home computers and laptops but as the technology on mobile devices has improved dramatically over the past few years the number of people opting to buy items online while on the move has increased.

Around the world the global sales on mobile devices have actually doubled in the past two years and now $13 billion was exchanged through the site via mobile devices during 2012 alone.

Now eBay predicts that the number of people buying items from the site with their mobile device will be worth in the region of $20 billion by the end of 2013 with a massive one in three transactions now seeing mobile phones or tablets being used in some way, whether it be to buy the item or to browse or compare prices before making a final payment.

Olivier Ropars from eBay said: “Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important part in our everyday lives – they are always on, always with us and changing everything, including how we shop and pay.

“Today’s research shows the mobile opportunity for retailers is huge and shoppers across the country are embracing mobile shopping.

“Shoppers want convenience, speed and choice – they want to shop anytime, anywhere, on any device and retailers have to respond to how they are shopping.”



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