Ebay Looking To Provide One Hour UK Delivery Service

"ebay speedy delivery news"Online auction site eBay have announced that they are to buy Shutl with the company then hoping to be able to provide customers in the UK with a one hour delivery service.

Already eBay offer clients in some parts of the United States the chance to buy an item and then have it delivered to their home within one hour in San Francisco and New York with the company planning to roll out this service to other areas of the United States and to the UK within the coming year.

The service will not be available on all products and will be limited to clients who are buying items from other eBay users who are in the same geographical area as they are.

It is believed that the one hour delivery service in the UK will first start in London where the large population will enable more possible one hour delivery options to take place.

Online retailers are increasingly looking to the world of speedy deliveries as a way to offer a better service to customers who may look to shop at another online retailer who can provide a faster delivery service.

It is not only eBay who have seen the importance of super speedy delivery, rivals Amazon are also planning their own similar service.

Devin Wenig from eBay said in a statement: “Today, approximately 75% of what people buy is local, found within 15 miles from their home.

“Traditional retail isn’t going away. But it is transforming, and that creates enormous opportunity within the $10 trillion total commerce market.”

It is not known just how much money eBay parted with in buying up Shutl.  The company already has a proved track record working with major UK retailers in delivering goods with clients including Argos, Warehouse and Schuh.

One of the features offered by Shutl is the as-soon-as-possible delivery service and the record for this service is a delivery in just under 14 minutes.  Customers can also opt for the within one hour delivery option to be able to get the goods that they have ordered.

While a fast service may be time saving customers do have to pay a premium for the service with an additional £6.99 sometimes being added to orders for super speedy delivery times to cover the costs of this express service.

Tom Allason from Shutl said that the company would continue to work with their existing partners while also expanding to be able to cope with the increase in demand the eBay contract is expected to place on the company.

Tom Allason said: “E-commerce is quick and convenient, two things that delivery is not.  Together with eBay, we believe that we can transform this market and fulfill our mission.”

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