eBay Launches New Service to Help High Street Retailers

"eBay shopping news"Online giants eBay are using their knowledge about how customers shop and are now transferring this to the high street to allow shop assistants to be able to tailor the shopping experience of each customer that walks in through the door.

When customers go online to eBay to buy a product the company already has a profile of you as a customer and targets items to match what you usually shop for or are interested in looking at.  Now this information will now be made available to shop assistants if customers opt in to the service from eBay.

The head of retail business strategy and innovation, David Geisinger, said that this new service from eBay would help retails on the ground to be able to bridge the gap between online and high street retail.

The new service would provide a shop assistant information about the last products bought by the customer, a photo of the customer, when their birthday is and also details of items they are interested in to be able to shape the shopping experience of every client.

Customers can also provide information about products that they do and they don’t like or have an interest in so for example the information about the sex and age of childrens clothes that they usually buy would be given and if they are particularly interested in a certain brand this can be highlighted.

Customers will be able to opt in to the eBay service if they choose to let their information be available to retailers then the shop assistant will be able to access the information directly from the clients smartphone as they come into the store.

Already this new eBay service is being used in America and it is thought that it will be available in the UK by the end of 2014.

This is not the only new service to be offered in the UK by eBay in the future, the online retailer will also be bringing their “valet” service to the UK in the near future and although no date has been set for the launch of the service it is expected that it too will come in before the end of 2014.

The valet service from eBay allows participating stores to offer a delivery service to customers within one hour and it is currently being used by customers in New York, San Jose and San Francisco with plans to expand the valet service to Dallas and Chicago.

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