Dudamobile Review

"Dudamobile Review"

So after a lot of research online we have finally decided on a mobile website provider. We were looking for something that could copy are main site and turn it into mobile form and there is a lot of providers put there but the one with mostly great reviews is Dudamobile.

So we signed up for an account and proceeded to add our main site URL into the Dudamobile software and watch it do the work. It takes about 2 minutes to transform your site into a manageable mobile site.

"Dudamobile Review"

We wanted to use a mobile site instead of an app because we have more than one product to sell and we update are blog about 5 times a week so we wanted the mobile site to get updated at the same time as the main site and not just by RSS feed.

This would mean your app would show your RSS feed but when you clicked to read more it would take you to your main site which may not be mobile friendly. Also you can get themes that are mobile friendly like ours is.

But we decided to go completely mobile because then the site will be optimised for mobile and then all the pages will be compressed and the images as well. Also you can edit how your mobile site will look after it has being given the Duda makeover.

Here is the dashboard you have to be able to edit your site:

"Dudamobile Review"

First you have the design area. On here you can decide a lot of things like menu, the style of your site and the different colour schemes you can choose. Also you can upload your own header to the site so you have continuity between your main site and mobile site.

The next tab is pages and this is where you can add pages, edit ones that you need and also decide if you want to show them in your navigation. On the right hand side is your site as you go through editing it. The site will update as you go so you can see each edit.

"Dudamobile Review"

At the bottom you will see a lot of features that you can add for a $9 a month. We have added Adsense to our site but it is still a work in progress so it will change and evolve over the next few months as we are just getting it to how we like it!

Also if you hover your mouse over your mobile site you will get an orange box that will follow you around so you can edit different parts of each page. This is useful especially for editing parts from your main site that you do not want on your mobile site.

The final tab is “go live” this is where you can publish your site and if you have got a WordPress blog you can download Dudamobiles plugin and this will help with the re-direct.

"Dudamobile Review"

This page is where you can publish your site. You will also then need to look at the plug-in details and the 2 will sync together and your site will be published. You can have it included in the pro plan to have an extension of your main site like ours which is: dsm-publishing.com our mobile site is: m.dsm-publishing.com.

We thought this would give us a more professional look and it tells you after you publish how to get your mobile extension; it is quite easy but if you are not sure ask your developer to sort out your DNS servers to point at your mobile site.

So over all it was a pleasant experience and we are very happy with the support we have had from Dudamobile and the best bit is you can get a basic mobile site for free to start with and see if you enjoy it.

You can find out more about Dudamobile here or on the banner below:

Give your clients a mobile solution with DudaMobile!

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