DSM Publishing Announces Jenelyn Bagtilay As New Manager

"DSM Publishing Announces Jenelyn Bagtilay As New Manager"DSM Publishing is thrilled to announce that they have hired a brand new manager, Jenelyn Bagtilay.

Jenelyn is a massive talent and we are delighted that she has agreed to grace DSM with her many amazing attributes. She began her career as a Management Information Systems officer for a credit card collection company, but Jen knew in her heart that this wasn’t the right career for her. She loved working on the computer and was an Internet savvy blogger, which lead her to leave her former profession and her path eventually crossed with ours.

In 2009, Jenelyn started working for DSM Publishing. She began as part of the SEO team, and over the years, her outstanding work, dedication and attention to detail really made her stand out. We were quite impressed with her talents and we decided to offer Bagtilay the manager position. We were hoping that she would agree to take the position and we were just so delighted when we received the news that she would, in fact, become our new manager.

When you ask Jenelyn about her experience working with DSM, she, being the ever so humble person that she is, states that it has allowed her to nurture her skills in and knowledge of the Internet marketing industry. Jenelyn completes her work well in advanced, is more than reliable and exceeds our expectations with each and every task that she is met with. She is amazingly multi-talented and wears many hats for the DSM team. In her spare time, she also enjoys creating simply amazing works of art.

The truth is, we don’t know where we, at DSM Publishing, would ever be without Jenelyn Bagtilay. She is an integral part of our team and really is one of the most important cogs in our dynamic business. No matter what the task is, no job is too big or too small for Jenelyn. She puts her all into every task that she is given, and she meets those tasks, completing them with precision and accuracy that far exceeds our expectations each and every time. With Jenelyn Bagtilay as our manager, you can rest assured that all of your Internet marketing needs will be met with complete and total accuracy.

For the past three years, we have been delighted to have Jenelyn as part of our team, and we are even more delighted that she is now our new manager. The future holds great things for her.

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