Does Your Website Look Good On The Telly?

"Website On The Telly"With the rapidly changing world of technology and you are now able to surf the internet through your telly, have you checked out how your own website looks on this relatively new way to view the internet?

I had a look at ours through our Windows Phone, Android Tablet, PS 3, laptop and my son’s Android phone. These are all the devices we have and we came across a few issues, concerning how our site looks on various different devices.

You can take a look here at our Dudamobile review if you like to see how we have combatted some of our issues. But on this site we have decided to go back using our Thesis theme instead of using Dudamobile and I shall explain why.

Before we changed over to Thesis the Dudamobile bot could generate our site brilliantly into mobile friendly but after we moved over the bot just could not scan our site so the mobile site did not look as it should, this could also be because we have security and acceleration on our sites and we had to whitelist Dudamobile so it could access our site.

It just was not working for this site so we now have the theme that you see on your laptop which is optimized for mobile but we have an issue with the header image where we have a sign up box. It does not get smaller to fit the different screens with which the site is accessed on.

We are working on this and when it is done we will be glad and that is the only issue from moving from Dudamobile but on our other sites Duda mobile works great and we get a decent AdSense click through rate through the mobile site and it pays for itself.

On our TV the PS 3 browser does not show JavaScript or flash player but everything works great apart from the AdSense code does not show up but that is not a huge loss as long as the website when viewed on the telly looks good.

I think the main point here is that no matter where from a client or potential client views your website they can always associate what they see with your brand. In other words they can identify your brand no matter whether it is on a smartphone, tablet, telly, games console or laptop.

When you analyse your traffic stats like we do every week, you can view all the different ways people connect and find your site and make sure you are giving them the best possible experience so that they can gain trust in your brand or company and become a client or buy one of your products.

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