Do You Understand The Content That You Write?

"Do You Understand The Content That You Write?"As you all know by now, content is one of the central roots of your Internet marketing business. It is essential for getting your Web site noticed by the search engines, for increasing its rankings and for attracting potential customers to your site.

I know that it may sound like a silly question, but when you are composing the content for your Web site, you must ask yourself, “Do I understand the content that I have written?” Many times, as Internet marketers, we focus so much on optimizing our Web site that we forget that we need to make sure that the content that we write needs to be useful and engaging. I have seen it so many times before, where a marketer composes content for his or her Web site, stuffs it with keywords and the end result is an article or a blog post that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. When this happens, you are, in effect, actually hurting your Web site; not helping it, as the search engines will see your site as being not useful or spam and you could very easily get the axe.

I also notice that a lot of times, people fill their content with technical jargon that doesn’t really make sense to the average lay person. Sure, your article or blog post may sound really professional, but at the end of the day, if the average person who is visiting your Web site cannot understand what it is that you have written, then there really is no point to having created the content in the first place.

To put it bluntly: If you don’t understand your content, or your content is difficult to make sense of, then your reader’s aren’t going to understand it – and it is essential that your readers understand the content that you are writing. My advice to you for avoiding creating content that doesn’t make sense is to take so much of the focus off of the keyword and write around the keyword, not for the keyword. In other words, the content should be the central focus and the keyword should naturally fit in. I also advice that you use simple words that your readers will understand in order to generate a message that everyone will understand.

Creating content doesn’t have to be rocket science; make it short, sweet, to the point and easy to read in order to make it useful.

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