Do You Need the Social Hashtags on Your Marketing Material?

"twitter hashtags"Increasingly more people are using hashtags on Twitter. But what is a hashtag? What role does it have? Hashtags are words or phrases prefixed with the “#” symbol. They allow users to track and participate in conversations or events, tie multiple tweets into one category, and add metadata to their tweets. Hashtags enable you to find interesting topics and real time information. Sending a tweet without hashtags is like stocking a library without no regard to author.

Use Hashtags as Part of your Social Media Strategy

Hashtags allow you to find highly targeted and relevant Twitter users in your niche. You can use this feature to find out where your customers are and what they are talking about, or connect with industry influencers. If you are using social media to promote your business, then your marketing strategy should include using hashtags to connect with your prospects, track conversations, and advertise your brand.

These symbols emerged from Twitter users in its early days to help categorize conversations. A hashtag for online marketing, for instance, might be #onlinemarketing or #webmarketing. Some companies use a hashtag with their brand name (e.g.: #Nike, #Apple, etc). This is a great way to increase brand awareness and communicate with your audience more effectively.

Twitter is not the only website that uses hashtags. This feature is also available on Google Plus, Gawker Media, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Orkut, Tout, and FriendFeed. Hashtags help users get the latest news on their specific areas of interest and find information about the brands they are interested in. Customers who use Twitter can be located by specific companies depending on the hashtags that they’re using. The content shared by customers will allow business owners to locate them easily, thereby creating stronger ties between merchants and prospects.

Social Hashtags – A Great Tool for Your Small Business

The biggest advantage of using hashtags is to increase brand awareness. By using these symbols, you can make it easy for customers to mention your company or brand in their own tweets and conversations on the Internet. Hashtags help business owners keep track of their reputation and monitor what people are saying about their products. If there are any negative statements, you will be able to solve the problem and keep your customers happy.

Marketers can also use hashtags to track business-specific conversations and get information on meetings and events. Hashtags are a simple and effective way to extend the reach of your Twitter engagement. When used properly, they can generate publicity and help companies track their online presence.

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