Do It Yourself SEO Part 8 And Recovering From Google Penguin

"Do It Yourself SEO Google Penguin"After last week and discovering how easy it is to get indexed on Bing, I wanted to touch on the Google updates. As many of you are aware there was another Google update in the last week and it has hit a lot of sites.

And that is the worst thing. You make all the effort with your site and spend a lot of time or energy (or both) on it and then Google just kicks you off the front page of Google. And this is another reason why Bing ads are a good idea – because they are not as strict and can still bring you the same level of traffic as what Google does.

But back to Google and what do you do if you are affected by a Google update?

  1. Don’t panic straight away

When Google are doing an update it takes them a while for the new changes to take full force. So just because during an update you go from 1000 visitors to 10 doesn’t actually mean that your website has been penalised. However if you are still in the same position after 21 days it is safe to say you have joined the bad sites of Google.

But until that point keep a clear eye on what is going on with your site and monitor the amount of impressions you are getting via the Google Webmaster Tools.

And then wait until that point before you put a strategy in place.

  1. The strategy

The next thing you need to do is a strategy. Google always goes public with the reasons for the update and the types of sites that they have penalised. So work with this information.

If it is the fact that they want authority sites then make your site an authority site. Blog each day for 30 days with unique content and then make sure your posts are covered on social media sites. After all Google loves social media and don’t forget that!

Also look at other elements of your site. If you want Google to be your best friend how good would you go about following every part of search engine optimisation that they love?

And then work from there with a six week plan to get results.

  1. Repair bad links

Go back through what we covered in part 6 (Google Webmaster Tools) and make sure you have all the right ticks in every area of your site. Do you have dead links? Has a particular blog post been flagged for keyword stuffing?

Are you following Google rules with your content?

All of this you need to answer. And in particular make sure that none of your SEO falls under black hat SEO as otherwise it will be very difficult to come back on it.

  1. Investigate the competition

Investigating the competition needs to be done on two levels. First of all if your competition that had a similar site to yours is still on the front page of Google then why aren’t you? Look at the links they have and compare notes.

Or have they thrown a million links to your website to get you Google sandboxed? It may seem extreme but I have seen it happen.

Then if they have you need to contact Google in order to get these links removed.

  1. Have a long term plan

Now you need to look at a long term for building up your SEO in the long term. You have been hit and you have been hit hard and now you need to plan your future.

If you were relying just on Google for your traffic then you need lots of new eggs. Start by using different search engines so that you can widen your traffic. Then if you are getting 1000 hits a day, equally from three search engines if you do lose Google you will still have 66% of your traffic compared to 0%.

You can also look at other traffic methods too so that you are not constantly stressing over Google.

  1. Start Again

Now for the final point, its very extreme but many simply give up their loses and build a new site on a similar domain. If you have used a lot of black hat SEO and don’t believe you can recover it could be the best option.

Look at the original Google update. A lot of article directories lost positions and they just moved and then got stricter with which articles would be approved for their white hat SEO site.

Sometimes when it could take a year or even longer to recover, the three months it takes for positions on a new site may be worth the risk.

Unfortunately you can go from Google loving your site to hating it and make sure you are aware (as much as possible) of all their changes so that you can get the best SEO results.

Once you have put this into practice you can view the final part in our do it yourself SEO series.


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