Do It Yourself SEO Part 5 And Understanding Social Bookmarking

"Social Bookmarking"This week’s DIY SEO is all about learning and understanding social bookmarking sites so that they can work for you.

I hope you enjoyed my blog last week and have now got the hang of Facebook groups and how they can not only bring you lots of traffic but also influence your search engine optimisation.

If you don’t know what social bookmarking is right now it is about telling the world about your link and encouraging social sharing and telling Google that they should crawl your website!

I can often add new blog posts and they get crawled straight away because my site is an authority site in the eyes of Google. However I will look on my Statcounter account and discover that I am on page 3 for a low competition keyword.

However the following week after one of my virtual team has carried out social bookmarking I will have jumped to mid way on the first page of Google.

Just think if you are blogging yourself and you are paying someone $5 to add the social bookmarks for you its very cheap blogging to get you on the front page of Google. I also find that because they are low competition keywords that once you are there, you don’t bounce off the front page.

Choosing Social Bookmarking Sites

There is always an endless supply of social bookmarking sites and the general emphasis is on two things:

Less is more

High authority = better results

You will come across endless sites offering to submit your url to 1000 sites. Google hates this and this would certainly come under black hat SEO. I have found that the results work best when you just do it to ten sites.

Go for those with high page ranks (page rank of three minimum) as these have more of an influence on your Google positions. And you are also looking for sites that offer a mixture of do follow and no follow so that you have link diversity.

If you are stuck where to start here is my top 10 social bookmarking sites for your reference.

Registering On Social Bookmarking Sites

Before you do anything open a separate free email address for your social bookmarking as they send you a lot of automated emails to do with your account and it would drive you crackers if this was all coming through on your main account.

Then register with all the main ones and set up your profile so that you don’t look like some spammer that has just come along.

Then when you have registered you can start social bookmarking.

How To Social Bookmark

I am using as an example of how you complete a social bookmark. You simply…..

"Social Bookmarking Delicious"

"Social Bookmarking Delicious"

And it really is as simple as that!

The only downside to it is how time consuming social bookmarking actually is. What I do is have an assistant do it for me and then I just check that appropriate keywords are being used and then the process runs like clockwork.

What To Social Bookmark

The answer is simple – EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! You want to get all your photos, categories, blog posts done every time you have a new one. If you are starting off with a site that already has content then you want to get all this done for everything in the past minus any sensitive pages such as download files.

For example do your terms and conditions page, contact page and everything in between. However some sites will close your account if you suddenly bookmarked 1000 links from the same site in one day so aim for 100 a week until you have completed your backlog.

Then when you have done your social bookmarking watch as your SEO positions improve and please whatever you do don’t do it with automated software as Google doesn’t like this and it wont do you any favours. You have to do this manually. I started off with automated social bookmarking and couldn’t believe the huge difference in positions once I stopped.

Now next on the agenda is getting to grips with Google Webmaster Tools and can you read about it here.



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