Do It Yourself SEO Part 4 And Using Facebook Groups

"DIY SEO"In the last three weeks I have given you an introduction to do it yourself SEO, shown you how to do the best keyword research without buying any expensive tools and last week how to blog your way to the top of Google for good.

Now what about Facebook?

But you are going to scream at me from your laptops, PCs and tablets that I am talking about social media and going in a different direction and I should be focused on SEO!

Well the truth is you can use and abuse Facebook, Twitter and all the other top social media sites to bring you to the top of the search engines.

Think of it logically for a moment…

You have always been told with SEO that the best thing to have is links from top rated websites on the internet and how important page rank and quality content is.

Well if you open your eyes you will see that Facebook is Google’s number 2 and the reason Facebook has such a big Alexa rank is because of the sheer amount of unique content that is on there.

Forget article directories for getting your keywords and links out there. The real goldmine is in social media.

Just for fun do a search for someone that you know has a lot of websites and articles our there, but also takes part in social media.

Past their main website you will find that the front page of Google will be made up of their Facebook profile, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and so forth.

And this is because you rank for these the quickest so why not use them for your social media campaigns.

And this then brings me to Facebook Groups…

Facebook groups can bring you a lot of traffic at the same time as helping you with SEO. So if you have followed my blog post from last week you will know where and how to get your keywords in your posts. And if you notice we have taught you to have your keyword in the title and at the beginning of the description.

The reason for this is that when people share your post they are also sharing your keyword at the same time and providing a link back to your site.

And each time they do this they are also working on your SEO.

And you need the likes of Facebook and once it is set up and you are on a roll And it doesn’t require much work at all.

Facebook Groups SEO Part #1

Now this is the worst part of it. You have to research and find good quality groups in your niche that are not spammed. A bit like when you are looking for blogs to comment on and then find that the majority have 1000 spam comments below and you don’t want your link anywhere near it.

It actually took me a couple of weeks to find lots of good quality Facebook groups so don’t expect it to be done in a day!

Facebook Groups SEO Part #2

Then you need to apply to these groups and leave it a week to give the groups the chance to approve you. Then you have your list and can start adding your content to these groups.

Some will suspend you for posting on their groups but the majority wont and its best to have 20 good quality groups to be a member of.

Keep a record of their group members count and aim for each site you own to have a group members total (over all your groups) of around 500,000. Not everyone is active on the groups so this amount will give you lots of SEO juice and about 5000 visitors a month through to your site.

And when you put this next to the old days and getting 10 hits from an Ezine Article you can see why so many people are obsessed with social media right now!

Facebook Groups SEO Part #3

Now this is the best bit and this is when you get to post your content. What I recommend doing is a mixture of viral images and your blog posts. (if you don’t know what virals are here is my virals page)

It is also important that you don’t post all your content in one go. If you are blogging daily then remember to post to groups daily as well.

Its all a case of trial and error and getting used to doing them.

I do find that you get a lot of likes and shares through the groups and it really does bring a surge of traffic through to your website.

Facebook Groups SEO Part #4

The forth and final part of your Facebook Groups campaign is all about statistics. Like with Craiglist people can ghost your content so by viewing your Facebook stats you can see which groups are ACTUALLY bringing in traffic to you on a regular basis.

And then improve on it.

Then for example when we did it we had 30 groups for DSM Publishing and only 20 was bringing us traffic so we deleted our membership to the other groups and we are still getting the same amount of traffic but because we have tested the stats we have reduced our workload by a third.

Next in the SEO series is social bookmarking and discover where so many people are getting it totally wrong.



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