DIY SEO: How To Completely Do It Yourself SEO On A Budget An Introduction

"Do It Yourself SEO"I have done my own SEO for a very long time now and its something that is part of my day to day internet marketing life. And I get a real buzz out of doing my SEO.

Every Tuesday my manager sends me a report with my weekly SEO positions and what gives it the wow factor even more is that we don’t put much effort into our SEO and target long tail keywords with low competition but have plenty of them.

We work in two main niches now through our two websites:

- Internet Marketing
- Weight Loss

You may agree with me that apart from adult content they are the two biggest online marketing industries in the world and I rank for many keywords for both of them.

I also don’t rely too heavily on search engine optimisation for my businesses. Here is a screenshot from of how my traffic comes together for my weight loss site:

"Incoming Traffic"

And this is my weight loss site traffic over the last 7 days and I may point out that we only started traffic building in February so I would still consider it to be rather a new site.

But what I am sure stands out is that 33% of the site traffic comes from SEO and why not 100% of it?

Simply because it is a bad idea to have all your eggs in one basket. There have been a lot of Google updates and thankfully I have escaped each and every one of them but what about the next?

Even though I never break any SEO rules and do totally natural SEO there is always that worry and there is no guarantees with SEO even though we all wish there was!

That is why I always plan to never exceed 33% of my SEO traffic.

You have to ask yourself if you did lose your SEO traffic could you afford to lose 100% of your traffic? Compared to losing just 33% and I am sure your answer is the same as mine!

DIY SEO And What You Need To Know Before You Get Started

I am sure I don’t need to give you a lecture about what SEO stands for and what it means for you. But you need to free yourself of all the rubbish SEO that you have been taught below and start from scratch.

And here are a few starting points:

Google Must Love Your Site

If Google doesn’t love your site you will not get decent SEO positions. The idea is that in the long run you can write a blog post and Google will index it straight away and it will be yet another long term keyword that you will rank in Google for over the next few years or for however long you plan on having your website.

If you start posting content that is not unique such as content off article directories it will take you a long, long time to get back to where you was.

"Avoid Black Hat SEO"

Avoid Black Hat SEO Like It Is The Plague

Black hat SEO is bad and it won’t get you results. Yes of course you can throw one million backlinks at a blog post and it will go to the front page of Google. But the next week it will be gone and it will never come back.

However if you follow quality SEO methods you will not have any up and down you will start at the top of the search results and remain there.

Of course I have some keywords that I go up and down among the top three results on page one of Google but I never disappear and I still get excellent traffic from it.

Avoid The Huge Backlink Packages

Whenever I get emails from businesses where they need my help because their SEO has gone wrong they always seem to have bought the same big SEO packages that all seem to come from India.

And they will have paid $20 for 10,000 backlinks.

If you are going from zero backlinks to 10,000 in the space of a day then lets face it Google will know something is wrong wont they?

And this brings me onto the next point….

"Backlinks Are NO Good If Everyone Has Them"Backlinks Are NO Good If Everyone Has Them

Just think to yourself about backlinks for a moment and the quality of them. Imagine if everyone has a backlink on the same site you cant expect this to have the same quality as when they are on a page without other backlinks.

So when you are thinking about SEO think outside the box and not just where everyone else has them. Such as with blog commenting when they are 5000 comments on one place you are not going to get any link juice from them.

And those are four things to think about before you even get started with your SEO and will have you thinking differently about your backlinking.

Remember that it is a long term strategy and not just a few links here and a few links there that will put you on the top of the search engines.

If you want to follow the series you can carry on reading about my DIY SEO by clicking here.



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    Rebecca LeClaire September 4, 2013, 2:25 pm

    SEO has been getting a bad rap a lot lately. But, every website owner will come to the point where they realize they need it, but may not be able to afford to hire someone. Thank you for showing that it is possible to do it yourself and some basics about how to get started and what to watch out for. You can do your own SEO, sometimes you just need a little guidance.

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    Fervil Von Ph September 12, 2013, 3:55 am

    Hi Dsm-pub, I found my way here from your post in DPF. This post is very impressive. I could see that you got a good amount of traffic from organic search and the best part there is you have managed to maintain a fine standard between various traffic sources and not rely heavily on just a portion.

    I also like your idea of performing SEO while thinking outside the box. I mean, this is very applicable for both beginners and experienced.

    By the way thanks for the statcounter link, i wish to try it since it’s offered free.


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