DIY SEO: How To Bring Thousands Of Visitors A Day With SEO

"DIY SEO"What I am going to share with you is a technique that over time can bring a thousand plus visitors a day to your site and this is EXACTLY what Google wants you to do.

It’s shockingly simple and if you thought keyword research was simple last week then you will love this.

For a successful SEO campaign what Google wants is simple – quality unique content on a regular basis and that is it?

I ask what is so complicated about this as I really don’t see what the big deal is. You see all these companies offering SEO that involves 1000 article directories submissions and then expect to see results with it.

Just look at the likes of Ezinearticles and Goarticles in the past they would be generating lots of traffic for internet marketers but very few people mention them now and that’s because of the amount of times their content was re-used and it turned the internet into this huge place were duplicate content was the norm.

I can see why people did it though – it was cheap and easy and with so many people telling you to do it you end up falling the herds don’t you?

But what you were really doing was creating content for these sites and letting them earn good Adsense income from you when you should have been creating your own content and lots of it.

When I do my unique articles I share them on social media and social bookmarking sites and that is it and it is amazing how quickly my content gets ranked and stays ranked.

Obviously all keywords are different but I have some posts that years later still bring in 50 visitors a day and some that bring in 5 visitors a day along with some lower ones that bring in 50 visitors a month. But they add up and it is amazing how quickly these posts can reach 1000 visitors a day which is a bloggers dream.

Just think about it for a moment….

You see lots of people chasing the big keywords like “make money online” which a top spot and a hell of a lot of work would bring you 1000 visitors a day and it would cost you a lot of money.

However what if you did it my way instead and after 60 days of daily blogging generated you the same amount of quality traffic for 30 minutes a day work?

I know where I would rather be and by having lots of eggs you are not risking anything are you?

And as your traffic grows so will your mailing lists so you will no longer feel that you have to rely on SEO for your traffic as you will have:

  • Mailing lists
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Social bookmarking


I find that the best way to achieve the content that Google wants is through blogging. A blog post a day and you have all the traffic you want. Though there are some golden rules as far as not keyword stuffing and getting the keywords in the right place.

I often aim for every third post to be a SEO post and then do regular blog posting in between and I have found that this actually helps me with my SEO results.

And this is the golden rules you want to follow:

1. All blog posts to be a minimum of 400 words

A lot of directories promote 400 words so I have found that Google prefers them when they are longer so I average about 750 words with my SEO content varying from 600-1500 words depending what it is about. I have even had successful SEO posts that have been like mini ebooks and have been around the 2500 word count.

2. Your keyword must be at the beginning of the title

Now this is a very important part as Google only counts part of your title if your title is long and always reads the beginning of your title. Just think of all those top 10 posts that people do and alter them.

So instead of “Top 10 blogging tips” when your keyword is blogging tips have instead “Blogging Tips 2013 – 10 Killer Ideas To Kick Start Your Blogging Career”. That way your keyword is at the start of the title.

3. Your Keyword must be at the beginning of the content

Then as soon as your actual content starts the first thing they see is your keyword again. It is important that this happens for when Google and other search engines crawl your website.

4. You must have a keyword heading

This is where you use the H2, H3 or H4 feature on your blog for your keyword and this can easily be implemented. If we are going back to the blogging tips theory again we could do it where we use the H4 for each of the tips.

For example – Blogging Tips #1, Blogging Tips #2 and so on.

5. You must have a keyword bolded

I find the simplest way to go about this is to start the blog post with your keyword and then just add the bold feature. Quick and simple or you can use the point #4 option and use bold sub headings instead.

6. You must have meta description and meta title included

Now this is a simple but important step and that is to make sure you add a meta description and meta title to your post and on WordPress this can be done very easily with All In One SEO Plugin for WordPress and it is free to download.

To do this you are simply going to copy and paste the title and the first sentence of your description into the meta fields and you do it like this:

"All In One SEO Plugin for WordPress"

7. You must have an SEO image

Now this is another important step towards getting your SEO posts at the top of the rankings and that is images.

Choose a suitable image for your post and then rename it to your keyword such as bloggingtips.jpg and then upload it on WordPress. When you do though you need to fill in the blog “alt”, title and description just like I have done below:

"SEO image"

Then once you have done all these steps your blog post will have created:

  • H1 keyword with the title of the blog post
  • Bold keyword in the description
  • H2/H3/H4 through a single subheading
  • Keyword at the start of the article
  • Meta description & title with all in one SEO plugin
  • Image alt, title and description

8. Further keyword mentions

You also want to have a further four mentions of your keyword throughout the body of your article. However you can choose to have this in the basic text or as part of the heading content.

I often choose to have them on the sub headings and then you can easily create 5 tips or features based on a particular keyword.

Just think about how you want your article to make sense yet follow the main principles of keyword rich content. You can read my Safe Swaps Review as an example of an SEO post.

And once you have written one good quality SEO post the rest will easily follow. Its just a case of getting used to the requirements and then blogging your way to SEO glory.

Plus don’t forget to discover the next installment when I show you how to use Facebook as part of your SEO kit.



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