Coping with browser conflicts

"Coping with browser conflicts"If you have ever spent ages working on your blog or website and set everything up so that it looks absolutely perfect, the graphics, header and content all look superb and then your heart sinks when you view the website from another computer and realise that it looks awful, you will know what a horrible feeling that is.

It is easy to spend ages racking your brain to try and get to the bottom of what has gone wrong but the problem is usually because of the different browsers which the website is being viewed on and coping with browser conflicts is easy to do with a few simple steps.

To start with though, there are many browsers out there with quite a few that you won’t have even heard of, but it is worth downloading three browsers to help you for coping with browser conflicts. The three browsers to go with are firefox, internet explorer and any one of the others that are out there.

When these have been downloaded simply test each one for your website, if these three are OK there shouldn’t be to much of a problem as firefox and internet explorer are the main browsers but if there is a problem it will usually be down to the html editor that you are using.

It would be fair to say that no html editor is guaranteed to be 100% browser compatible but Dreamweaver is commonly regarded as being the best of the bunch. Most html editors have a help desk or forum which will detail the problems and solutions to any browser compatibility problem so if a problem does still exist you should take a look there.

There is no getting away from the fact that coping with browser conflicts can be incredibly frustrating and you could literally spend hours tweaking your website to ensure that everything is just right but you would have to ask yourself if it is worth it, especially if the website looks alright in firefox and internet explorer.

It should be mentioned that there are tools on the market which will test browser compatibility amongst hundreds of browsers but whether you want to go to those lengths is obviously entirely up to you. There is usually a cost involved and it could be argued that the results won’t be much different from testing compatibility on just the three browsers mentioned earlier.

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