ClickBank Vs Kindle – Where to Market Your eBook for the Best Results in 2013

"clickbank vs kindle"Many writers are confused whether they should use Amazon Kindle or Clickbank for marketing their eBooks in 2013. Both platforms have pros and cons. You need to determine what will work for you. If you’re up to date with the latest marketing trends, you will see that eBook sales are on fire. Clickbank features a unique online marketplace for digital products, while Amazon allows writers to upload eBooks Kindle (.mobi) format.

How Does Amazon Kindle Work?

Amazon boasts over one million books in electronic format. Its first dedicated e-book reader device – the Kindle – was designed to interface seamlessly with Amazon’s online store. This device allows users to search form download, browse and read eBooks and magazines via wireless networking. Content from Amazon and other publishers is encoded in the Kindle format.

Writing and selling Kindle eBooks is a good opportunity to make money online. Your content will be available in Kindle format. Amazon pays publishers a 35 percent loyalty fee for each book sold. The best part is that there is no listing fee. Writers have the ability to charge or offer their content for free. When you publish a Kindle eBook, you are creating a path to your website that potential customers can follow.

The downside is that the average Kindle eBook sells foe $9.00. Most books are available for as low as $2.99. This means that you will have to sell thousands of books to make a steady income. Books priced too high may not generate any sales. Another problem is that you will have a hard time making money if your audience doesn’t know or understand how to use Kindle Reader Software.

Clickbank Pros and Cons

With millions of users worldwide, Clickbank is a leading online marketplace. Publishers have control over their sales page. They can add quotes, graphics, pictures, testimonials, special offers, and guarantees. Clickbank also gives you access to a large network of affiliates who will promote your eBook. The minimum amount of money that you have to make in order to get paid is only $10.

Clickbank requires publishers to pay a $49.95 one-time activation fee. Many products available for sale are inferior. Thus, many people believe that Clickbank itself is inferior. Another drawback is that this online platform doesn’t allow email marketing. It also provides no analytics. Additionally, they will give your customers refunds for any reason instantly.

Both Clickbank and Amazon Kindle have strengths and weaknesses. The only way to figure out which works best for you is by trial and error. Choose one of these platforms, list your eBook and see how it goes. Regardless of which platform you choose, take the time to promote your work and make a name for yourself.

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