Choosing Long Tail Keywords

"Choosing Long Tail Keywords"If you know anything about search engine optimization, then you know that keywords are central to any search engine optimization campaign. There are two types of keywords; short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are those keywords that are typically just one word and are often used on several different sites. Since these keywords are used by so many sites, they are usually highly competitive and it can be difficult to get your Web site noticed with them. If you really want to get the most out of search engine optimization, then you are going to want to do some work with long tail keywords.

What is a long tail keyword? A long tail keyword refers to a group of keywords, usually about five keywords, and is more like a phrase than a keyword. A long tail keyword can help to give your Web site a better chance at being recognized by the search engines, and thus increase your page ranking. Why is that? Because long tail keywords are usually more unique than their short tail counterparts and are more specific to your particular business.

Since long tail keywords can have such a positive impact on your search engine optimization campaign, you are likely wondering how you should go about choosing these keywords. Here are a few tips for you to follow in your quest for long tail keywords:

  • Make use of keyword tools. Keyword tools will help you locate those long tail keywords with ease. For example, Google has a keyword tool set right in place on their search engine. Simply type in part of a keyword that you may want to use; boys shirts, for example. When you type this in, Google will make suggestions for longer keywords; boys brown shirts, boys long sleeved T-shirts and so forth. These suggestions indicate phrases that people often search for on Google and make for good long tail keywords.
  • Think about the products or services that you are offering. Think about what people will be typing into a search engine to find your particular products or services. For example, if you are selling ‘brakes for a 1965 Ford Mustang,’ then you would do better to use this as a long tail keyword, rather than the much more generally used keyword ‘auto parts.’

The bottom line is this; when choosing long tail keywords, you have to choose what works for your specific needs and the products and services of your site. Using the right long tail keywords will help to drastically increase the success of your business.

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