Child Pornography Video Goes Viral On Facebook

"child porn facebook"Users of Facebook have reacted in disgust to video allegedly showing a young girl being sexually abused by an older man which was posted onto the social media network.

The clip, which has now been removed by Facebook, received a massive 16,000 shares by users on Facebook and 4,000 likes but has left many users of Facebook shocked as to how the video was ever able to appear on the site and then be shred so many times.

According to a report by the many people took to the Twitter micro blogging site to air their disgust at the video ever appearing on Facebook.

One Twitter user wrote: They got child porn on facebook that **** so sad. They need to take that video down!Its a cruel world we live in”

Another Twitter user said: “Someone posted child porn on facebook and its spreading like wildfire. Why the **** would someone do that to a child?!”

Facebook did take down the video but not before many people had take screen shots of the video and then have circulated these onto other networks, many seeming to do so in a vain attempt to warn others not to look at the video but it actually had the adverse affect.

A statement about the video was released by Facebook.  it said: “Nothing is more important to Facebook than the safety of the people that use our site, and this material has no place on Facebook.

“We have zero tolerance for child pornography being uploaded onto Facebook and are extremely aggressive in preventing and removing child exploitative content.

“We are pleased that this material was reported to us quickly enabling its swift removal.”

While the video may have been removed it has raised questions about the success of the firewall that Facebook set up a couple of years ago to try and prevent such images and videos from ever appearing on the social network.

Facebook use the PhotoDNA programme from Microsoft to filter out potentially indecent images with priority given to searching for images of those under the age of 12.  The system is supposed to be quicker than doing this manually and helps to filter thousands of images that are unsuitable for the site.

Every day more than 200 million images are posted onto Facebook from users around the world and Facebook work to prevent indecent videos and images from ever appearing, however this one seems to have managed to slip through the net much to the anger of users.

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