Changing Your Website For The Better Post Google Panda

"Changing Your Website For The Better Post Google Panda"I don’t want to sound on the smug side here but I really can’t see what everyone is complaining about when it comes to the Google Panda update. To be honest, I was getting sick and tired of searching for something on Google only to find myself on a website which was full of rubbish content, there was no thought whatsoever for the visitors to the website, it was just the webmaster trying every trick in the book in order to make some money and they weren’t very concerned with how they made it.

Now if you have been affected by the Panda update, the first thing that you should do is not panic, I have heard lots of stories from people who are on the verge of giving up with internet marketing because their blogs and websites have dropped like a stone down the search engine rankings.

It is possible to come back even stronger so that you will be resilient to any other Google updates over the months and years ahead and I can assure you that as sure as night follows day, there will be more updates.

Ok, the best way to recover from panda if you have been affected is to simply concentrate on adding new content to your blog or website, don’t think that just one blog post will do it either, you have to add content like this on a regular basis, I would even go as far as to say every day. Just keep at it and after about 30 days you will see that things will start to change. For one thing, you will have a website which is packed full of original helpful content and as you are giving Google everything that they could possibly want, your search engine rankings will start to improve accordingly.

If you think about it for one minute you can see how much sense it makes, a website or blog which gives the visitors a satisfying experience is the way to go and if you keep on adding the content you will have an authority site on your hands and the future prospects for a website of this nature will surpass even your wildest dreams.

It should go without saying that any new websites that you develop should be maintained in the same way and before you know it your internet marketing empire will be providing you and your family with a very good income.

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