Changing Domain Names

"Changing domain names"There are many reasons why you may consider changing domain names but if this is the route that you wish to take it is extremely straightforward. It may be that your business is changing direction and the domain name that is being used at the moment no longer reflects the nature of your business.

It may be that you have come across a domain name that is available, perhaps one that contains the keywords or phrase that you wish to target or one that has recently become available due to the previous owner no longer needing it. It is a good idea though to think carefully before changing domain names, if it is for an affiliate site or a website that does not have any branding to go with it, then it isn’t really much of a problem but if it is a domain name that represents your main business you should be aware that it can be expensive to change the branding etc on stationary, vehicles etc.

It should also be a gradual process when it comes to informing your existing customers of the change of domain name and the reasons for that are people can sometimes get suspicious if a business keeps on changing its name..

The process of actually changing domain names really couldn’t be easier but the process can vary slightly with between different hosts and the domain name registrar that you are using so it is just a case of contacting them to be informed of their procedure. Many people worry about losing their search engine position when changing domain names but you will be pleased to know that Google have in fact published guide lines to help people when they are changing domain names so that the process goes as smoothly as possible without losing any traffic.

Another option that is available to you is to leave your domain name as it is at the moment and instead of changing it straight away, simply redirect your new domain to the original website. This is very easy to do and is literally a 2 minute job, simply go into your domain account and redirect the domain. By doing this you can make sure that it is a gradual transition from one domain name to the other and it also gives you the opportunity to change your mind if the new domain is not as effective as you hoped that it would be.

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