Canadian Courts Could Be Open To Social Media If Proposals Accepted

"canada courts social media"Members of the Canadian justice system have outlined new proposals that could see courts across the country being opened up to social media.

According to a report by CBC News,judges and other members of the judiciary have proposed guidelines that would pull together all the existing policies that exist within Canada when it comes to social media being used in court rooms.

The proposal suggests that any person attending an open court session would be able to use electronic devices in the court as long as they were set to silent or vibrate so as not to distract the judge.

Electronic devices could potentially be used in all open sessions unless the judge specifically bans it if the proposals are accepted.

Judges in Canada are said to be keen to create one standard set of rules that can be applied across the country to avoid any confusion as many judges still struggle with how to deal with social media within the court room.

Stephen Bindman, who was part of the committee that put together the proposals said: “Public confidence in the judicial system is critical to the proper administration of justice.  We saw this as a further means of advancing the open court principle.”

Social media is increasingly being used to transmit important information as  quickly as possible with Twitter acting in many cases as a live news feed of events.

Many professionals rely on social media to be able to gather as much information as possible as quickly as possible and in the court room there is a need to be able to let the press and public know about cases through the use of social media.

The plans in Canada would see one system for all the courts and would make it clear to everyone involved in court cases exactly what they are allowed to do regarding social media in the court room.

In some cases in Canada the judges have informed press that they are able to use social media and there was even a case of a judge informing everyone present in the court that they may tweet about the proceedings.

When the new proposals were being put together by the committee it was concluded by those involved that although there are some risks involved in allowing social media to be part of daily court proceedings it is a practical part of courts in the modern world.

Social media does have the potential to disrupt proceedings in court if electronic devices are not kept on silent or vibrate and it can sometimes jeopardise the security of witnesses or even violate publication bans but on the whole social media inside the court room in Canada is being welcomed by the judiciary.




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