British Business Leading The Way On Pinterest

"carhoots pinterest"A British business is leading the way on Pinterest, harnessing the power of the social network to increase revenue.

Christer Hollowman, the author of The Social Media MBA, tols Sky News about how one British business has used Pinterest to attract customers in a new way.

With 25 million monthly visitors, Pinterest is a form of social media that should not be ignored with the visual aspect of the site and the images that are posted onto various boards presenting businesses with a new ingenious way to gain customers and let them know about the products that they are offering.

Carhoots, a business that was started in the West Midlands in the UK is now one of the most popular pinboards in all of the UK and boasts more than 1.9 million followers.

This huge amount of followers is pretty impressive especially when compared to the popular car magazine Autotrader which only has around 100 followers and the international hit television show Top Gear only has just under 800 followers.

Carhoots considers Pinerest to be the most cost effective form of driving organic hits on their site and they are currently gaining around 10,000 new followers everyday on Pinterest.

It is only recently that Pinterest officially allowed businesses to create their own boards for marketing purposes but people such as those behind Carhoots have known for some time the value of Pinterest to businesses and have used the boards to promote their activities and to ultimately drive up revenue sourced through social media.

The co founder of Carhoots, Lee Malcher, told Sky News that the key to his success on the site was being able to share images that were visually appealing to potential customers.  these images not only led to direct sales but they also inspired users of Pinterest to look at other items and led to increased social network interaction and conversations.

Because of Pinterest being such an appealing way to look at products it has been the main way for people to be driven to the website and has thus increased sales and revenue for the company he said.

New features on Pinterest have also helped to push Pinterst forward as a legitimate form of social media with the verification badges helping to cut down on impostors and hoaxes.

The only down side for Carhoots with Pinterst was in the opinion of Lee Malcher, the lack of analytic tools available for the site.  This has meant that it has been harder for the company to be able to keep track of how successful certain pins and boards have been in creating revenue and organic hots to their external website.

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