British 18 To 24 Year Olds Top Of Social Media Use

"social media use british"A new report by Ofcom looking at mobile internet use from users across 17 countries globally has found that British people between the ages of 18 and 24 are the biggest users of social media.

The research from Ofcom looked at data collected from different countries including from Germany, France, Sweden, India, US, UK, Ireland and Brazil and found that people in Britain are using smartphones more than anyone else while they are also spending more on internet shopping.

Social media is one of the largest uses of the internet by British people with Facebook and Twitter proving most popular as well as watching clips on YouTube.

In Britain people download an average of 424 megabytes of data each month for their smartphone, a figure which has risen by almost 60 percent in the last year alone.

The research found that social media is one of the most popular things accessed by users of smartphones with 40 percent of adults accessing social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook from their smartphones.

Almost 60 percent of all British adults own a smartphone making Britain one of the top countries for this only being behind Germany on the number of adults with a smartphones.

The high use of smartphones in the UK is also reflected in the number of people who use their phones to make internet purchases.

British people are most likely to buy an item from the internet using their smartphone with 23 percent of smartphone owners having visited an online retail site in the last year – the highest number ion the whole of Europe.

Customers in the UK also spend the most on internet shopping with each person spending an average of £1.083 each year.

The high amount of spending on the internet by British people is being put down to the large number of people who have credit cards combined with the relatively long history of sites such as Amazon and eBay in the UK with more people likely to trust internet shopping and have it as part of their everyday life and not just for special purchases.

British people may love their smartphones, internet shopping and social media but it is the Australians who spend most time online each week.

The research found that the average Australian is online for 992 minutes a week while in the UK it is an average of 728 minutes.

All areas of internet use have seen a rise in the past year as more people across the world use the internet not only for social media and networking but also for work, shopping and increasingly for watching television.



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