Brazilian Newspapers Pull Out Of Google News

"newspaper take on google"Members of the Brazilian National Association of Newspapers (ANJ) have stated that they will be stopping Google from displaying parts of their news stories on the Google news service.

The members of ANJ have said that they do not want Google to use their stories anymore on the news service because the service is not helping them grow their industry online.

The ANJ members make up around 90 percent of all the newspapers in circulation in Brazil and the removal of these newspapers from the Google news service will have a real effect on the coverage of news by Google in Brazil.

The president of ANJ, Carlos Fernando Lindenberg Neto, said: “Google news benefits commercially from that quality content and is unwilling to discuss a remuneration model for the production of these materials.

“Staying in Google News was not helping us grow our digital audiences.  On the contrary, by providing the first few lines of our stories to internet users, the service reduces the chances that they will look at the entire story on our website.”

He added that the loss of traffic directed to sites through Google was “an acceptable price to pay to protect our content and brands”.

The newspapers in Brazil may feel that Google has not helped move traffic to their websites but Google disagrees.

Google news claims that the service directs around a billion clicks to news websites around the world.

It is not only in Brazil where there are troubles brewing for Google, in France the opposition party has drawn up outlines of plans that would see search engines being forced to pay to display links to to publishers content within its search engine rankings.

In retaliation to the plans in France, which are also being discussed in Germany, Google has said that they would stop displaying links to publishers content if any new laws came in asking them to pay for the privilege.

The problems between Google and newspapers around the world has been a long running one.  back in 2006 Copiepresse, an agency that acts on the behalf of newspapers, sued Google arguing that the use of the snippets by Google of their news stories was preventing people from reading further into the story and clicking on the links to the websites of the newspapers.

The actions of the Brazilian press could mark the start of a global publishing revolution against Google, however, with the world being so reliant on Google for finding information, a real alternative to finding news through Google needs to first be established.

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