Brazilian Football Clubs Harnessing Internet Marketing

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Brazil is proving to be a battle ground for football clubs not only on the pitch but also online as different clubs fight for supremacy with their Internet marketing campaigns.

Football clubs are able to use their internet marketing techniques to target their millions of fans and it is becoming an essential source of income for these clubs.

Brazil is known for being a country of football mad fans and this combined with the high number of people in the country who have access to the Internet makes it a perfect place to launch specific football based Internet marketing campaigns – especially in the run up to the 2014 World Cup being held in the country.

According to statistics more than 83 million people in Brazil have access to the internet with some of the teams in the country boasting more than 25 million fans.

In Brazil football clubs not only have a standard website they also have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and in some cases they also have their own online television channels as well as smartphone apps to allow fans to follow their teams 24 hours a day.

According to a report by AFP the connection between fans and their football clubs has changes as technology has advanced.

Guilherme Costa from the Maquina de Esporte website said: “The connection with th fans has changed.  With new technologies, clubs are in daily contact with their fans, not just when they go to the stadium.”

Football clubs in Brazil are looking to for the most inventive ways to connect with their fans and for this to then turn into real revenue for the clubs in the terms of sales of t-shirts, memorabilia and other goods.

The São Paulo Corinthians club created their own online “Corinthians People’s Republic”, a world totally dedicated to the club which offered users the chance to be involved and spend their own special currency.

This ingenious idea was voted a the idea of the year by the Worldwide Creative Board for its imaginative way to encourage fans to spend money and has been closely watched by members of the advertising world.

With 86% of Brazilian people having internet access and the interest in football increasing daily as the country approaches the 2014 World Cup, football internet marketing is very big business and other sporting clubs around the world are watching to see how these clubs in Brazil can use their internet marketing to turn fans into customers for the clubs.

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