BNP Leader Defends Twitter Comment

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BNP leader Nick Griffin has chosen to defend a comment he made on Twitter which used a derogatory term to describe Catholics.

He said that although he used the term “fenian” in a Tweet that he made he did not aim it at Catholic people and he would not be withdrawing his remark made on Twitter.

Since posting the Tweet using the word “fenian” in a Tweet Nick Griffin has said that he has been receiving abusive tweets from republicans angered by the use of the term.

Nick Griffin attended the Ulster Covenant event held at Stormont in Belfast on Saturday but said he attended as a member of the public only and not as a guest of the Orange Order.

According to the BBC he said: “I knew this was going to be a big and spectacular parade.  I wanted to come along and have a look.”

“It wasn’t about Catholics, it was about the operatives of the republican grievance exploitation machine who were leaving foul mouthed tweets on my Twitter feed.  It was about them specifically.  They are the ones I had a go at.

“If the want to leave vast amounts of foul mouthed abuse on my Twitter feed when I am showing people on the mainland, primarily, a part of the culture of Britain that they don’t see much of, and if that upset a group of republicans, I am not going to apologise.”

However the justification for the reasons behind the tweet have not been accepted by the SDLP and Nichola Mallon from the party said that they have lodged a formal complaint about the tweet to the police.

Nichola Mallon told the BBC: “The complaint I have lodged cites Part III of the Public Order Order, which deals with actions or words which stir up hatred or fear.

“By using the language he used, he has also proven himself unfit for elected office, and the authorities at the European Parliament should be taking advice on what action to take against him.”

She continued: “His presence at Stormont was deeply unhelpful and should have been challenged – all Nick Griffin seeks to do is sti up discontent and sectarianism in Northern Ireland, and that is the last thing we need.”

The event at the heart of the dispute was the anniversary of the signing of the 1912 document which started the partition of Ireland which later led to the creation of Northern Ireland some ten years later.

The event was described by many as being a positive day on the whole although the tweet by Nick Griffin had been a blip on the event.

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