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"Blogs VS. Websites"To be perfectly honest, when it comes to blogs vs websites it really doesn’t matter as long as fresh quality content is added to them on a daily basis. It used to be the case that a blog or website could be set up, a few pieces of keyword stuffed articles could be added and that would be it, job done. It didn’t seem to matter that anyone who arrived at these blogs and websites would be able to find what they are looking for, as long as the webmasters were making money, everything seemed to carry on as it always had done.

Things couldn’t really be more different now, a blog or website like those mentioned would simply not make the grade and if the care and effort is not put into making a blog or website as user friendly as possible then it is really not even worth bothering getting strarted because the results will be disappointing to say the very least.

It could be argued that blogs lend themselves more to adding content in this way due to the very nature of them, especially WordPress blogs, but many of the html editors that are on the market today mean that updating a website is a piece of cake so there is not really any excuse there.

When faced with a new method of running a business it is often the case that individuals become paralysed by the different choices that have to be made, blogs vs websites is no different and some people will spend an age deciding which route to go down but the fact of the matter is that blogs and websites are just as effective as each other and it is what you do with them that matters, nothing else.

It should be remembered that if you choose to run blogs, it is important that you use your own hosting and domain names so that you have full control over them. It is easy to put up a Blogger blog for instance, spend lots of time adding content and doing just what Google requires, only to find that you wake up one morning and it is no longer there.

So, the choice of blogs vs websites is entirely up to you but you can be safe in the knowledge that whichever is chosen, how effective it will be will be entirely up to you.

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