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How to start your passive income streams on a tight budget thumbnail

I love passive income. It’s great the way you can plan an income stream, then you can wake up in a morning to lots of payment notifications. Not to mention I live in Portugal and in summer all I want to do is go swimming or sunbath on the beach and I can do that […] Read More

Are You Making This One Mistake With Your Online Business? thumbnail

I can spot a marketer who is never going to be successful and is not going to be successful from a single email. I get them everyday and I can say that I very rarely hear from these newbies ever again. And they certainly don’t become the next internet marketing guru. Here is an example […] Read More

What if you put the same effort into traffic building as you do with web design? thumbnail

If someone asked me what was the biggest reason why my clients failed with their online businesses I would say this. Without a doubt it is what causes most webmasters to run out of cash and not make any money out of their online business. They come into the online world all excited about their […] Read More

Paid SEO Links – The SEO Vs Adwords Debate thumbnail

I wanted to share with a case study that I have been involved in with a client recently. The client has an offline business and works mainly with offline customers. Like many offline customers he also wants to bring lots of internet traffic his way! He was already paying for Adwords and paying $0.20 per […] Read More


Pinterest may be the new kid on the block when it comes to social media giants but the company has grown enormously in the past couple of years to become a craze in itself.  Not content with taking the web by storm, Pinterest are now looking to revolutionise the world of online advertising and are […] Read More

My Internet Marketing Hates and A Big Fat Rant thumbnail

Most people have things that annoy them and no matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone. But there are a few things in internet marketing that I hate and it makes the difference between me buying a product and not buying one. Have a look to see if you do any of […] Read More

“twitter in china news”

Could Twitter be actively trying to break into the Chinese market?  Well, a trip by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to the county has sparked a wave of speculation about the future of Twitter in the county and whether one day the social media network may be able to access the some 600 million internet users […] Read More

Genuine Internet Marketers Don’t Like Gurus So Stop With The Hype thumbnail

What is it about internet marketing gurus that are so annoying? I have always avoided them as I have not found one useful thing in their businesses that would benefit me. They all offer the same thing and always promote the same ebooks. They mention they make seven figures on the internet through free traffic. […] Read More


Internet marketing is not all plain sailing. As I write about the good it is also important to write about the bad. I have always had a team that is anywhere between 10-100 depending on the workload and that of my clients. I have some excellent staff. A guy that has been doing my social […] Read More

“pinterest transparency report news”

Pinterest has become the latest social media network to reveal a transparency report with the offering from Pinterest showing the number of requests that the site has received in the past six months from state and federal government agencies is much lower than other social media platforms. While other reports have shown that it is […] Read More