4 Free Keyword Research Tools That You Should Use

"free keyword research tools"Keyword research is an important part of SEO and pay per click advertising. Before you launch a new website or write content, you have to choose the right keywords and use them properly. Conducting keyword research can be challenging if you aren’t using the right tools. These programs allow you to see what people are searching for on the Internet, compare multiple terms, and rank keywords. You probably know about the benefits of keyword research. If you are ready to do SEO by yourself, check out these free keyword research tools:

Google AdWords External Tool

This program is based on Google paid search. It generates keyword ideas and analytical data on each term. Whether you want to find the best keywords for your site or discover profitable niches, consider using Google AdWords External Tool. From small business owners to bloggers and marketers, everyone can benefit from this free tool. This online program can be useful for finding long-tail keyword ideas as well.

Google Insights for Search

Google Insights is an advanced keyword research program that offers lots of features not available on other free tools. This program works best for high volume keywords and provides accurate data on search volume. You can use Google Insights to find out if a specific keyword is gaining in popularity. With this tool, you can search patterns in other Google properties, analyze geographic distribution, and narrow data to specific categories.


This tool has both a free and a paid version. Free users can analyze up to 10 keywords a day. SEMRush helps you find long tail keywords, compare various SEO metrics, and study your competitors’ organic positions in search results. Users can see the value of organic traffic to landing pages, analyze their competition, and identify flaws in rankings. This information will help you optimize your website more effectively and send your message to the right audience.


KeywordSpy allows users to perform advanced keyword research and find out what their competitors have been advertising in their PPC campaigns. This tool comes with a free trial. Users have access to a huge database containing over 127 million keywords. With this program, you can literally “spy” on keywords. This online tool will show who your competitors are and help you build a profitable list of keywords using their keywords. Users can search by domain, ad copy content, keywords, and destination URL. You may also use the information provided by this tool to detect trends as they are happening.

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