BBC Twitter Accounts Targeted By Hackers

"bbc hack"The BBC have reported that several of their twitter accounts have been hit by hackers calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army.

According to a report by the BBC several of their Twitter accounts were hacked including the weather, Arabic and Radio Ulster feeds.

Some time on Thursday afternoon a series of tweets claiming to be from the BBC appeared giving fake weather information about weather in the Middle East.

The BBC said that they were aware of the problem with the Twitter feeds and that they were already working on a way to try and resolve the problems.

A spokesman from the BBC said: “We are aware that in the past few hours several BBC Twitter accounts have been hacked.  We are actively working on this and expect it to be resolved shortly.”

Some of the strange tweets posted onto the BBC Twitter feed included: “Saudi weather station down due to head on collision with camel”

Another said: “Chaotic weather forecast for Lebanon as the government decides to distance itself from the Milky Way.”

The Arabic and Radio Ulster feeds were also affected.  The editor in chief for BBC Arabic said: “Today at around 11.00GMT, BBC Arabic’s twitter account @BBCArabicOnline was hacked.  Since then several pro-Assad news tweets were published by the account.

“We strongly condemn such action and apologise to our audiences”

The group behind the hacking of the BBC twitter accounts have spread messages in support of the Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad and were seemingly aiming to do the same thing again via the BBC and their very large global following.

The BBC are far from the first high profile account to be hacked on Twitter with other recent victims including Burger King but it has led to more calls from people asking Twitter to tighten up their security with one possibility being to offer a two factor authentication process – allowing a single use disposable password for users to try and cut down on passwords being stolen for this sort of use.

The advice from the experts is that if you are using a Twitter account then it is essential that you make sure that the password for this account is different from the passwords you use elsewhere on the net.

Try to make your password less likely to be guessed by using a combination of numbers and letters and do not make it relating to any part of your business or easy to guess by anyone looking to hack into your account.



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