Aweber Review: Eight Years After First Joining Aweber

"Aweber review"Aweber review has been a long time coming after eight years of being one of their many email marketing clients.

Aweber is like paying for the electric if you have business premises. You literally can not survive with it. Of course there are other auto responders out there but none of them ever seem to live up to the reputation or quality that you get with Aweber. And this is why I have finally decided to put pen to paper and put together an Aweber review.

Many people that I coach say to me Aweber is not worth the money because at $19 a month its an unnecessary business expense. That is eating into their profits. Well this is where many people go wrong. They don’t make the most out of their Aweber account, they don’t make a profit from their mailing list and then they blame Aweber for their high prices. Which if you use all the facilities that Aweber has to offer it is a very cheap way to run your business.

Aweber Review and why you need Aweber

With my business even though it has been in profit for a lot of years it didn’t start out like that! And back then I would think I sell two ebooks a month and my Aweber fees are covered, sell two more and Hostgator is taken care of and so on.

Starting with the bad points of Aweber the biggest issue I have ever had is when they have upgraded the system. I am very old fashioned and don’t like change! So when they have modernised it which they have done many times over the years I have taken quite a while to get used to the changes.

The best feature for me is having unlimited follow up messages to add so that I can be part of the passive income online earners. And this is brilliant for my different lists I can also tailor my newsletters so that people can plan which newsletters they subscribe to which gives me a much better responsive list.

I also like the choice of web forms and the customer service has always been amazing.

As Aweber says “clients want to make more sales” and as a result split testing is an important factor in your auto responder. You can see what is selling the best and what isn’t converting and improve on your own sales funnels.

Sales funnels are the future with any online business whether you are an ebook seller, Web Design Company or even a Amazon trader.

But remember in this business we all have the same tools available to use it just depends on what we do with the tools that are available.

"Aweber Review"

So if like us you would like to give Aweber a go click here for further information and lets build an amazing auto responder that will bring in the best ever passive income.

I hope you enjoyed my Aweber Review and I look forward to sharing my companies that I love with you.

Aweber Review is now over and I hope it was of use to you too and that Aweber forms part of your business plans.

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