Avoiding Pirated Content – How To Keep Your Site Original

"Avoiding Pirated Content – How To Keep Your Site Original"I have recently read some real horror stories about internet marketers who have either had their website shut down or seen it completely disappear from the search engine rankings without knowing the reason why. It has only been on further investigation that they have unknowingly used pirate content on their website and suffered the double whammy of Google penalising them for it and the owner of the original content complaining to their host and getting them shut down.

Just in case you are not aware, copying content from another website or blog and using it on your own without permission is a big no no and one of the most common ways that people fall into the trap of using this type of content is by outsourcing.

You see so many instance of webmasters outsourcing their content requirements for $5 or less for 500 words, in some cases I have seen writers offering to work for $2 per 500 words. Now I don’t want to tar all of these writers with the same brush but to start with I would not advise that you use them because at best the quality of work will be poor and at worst, they will simply have copied and pasted the work from elsewhere, knowing only to well that there is a good chance they will get away with it, when their clients do find out it will be to late as the writer will have received their money and basically be long gone.

To stop this from happening to you I would strongly recommend that you invest in a tool called copyscape. It is not expensive, you just need to buy credits to use it so you can start with $5. All you have to do is copy and paste any content that an outsourcer supplies to you and one click of the mouse later you will be told if the content is original or not. If it is not original you will be shown where the original source of the content is.

I can’t emphasise how important this tool is for internet marketers and even if the people who you are outsourcing to try to pass duplicate content over to you once and you check it through copyscape, it could very well save your business and one thing is for sure, they won’t try it on with you ever again!

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