Avoiding Common Social Bookmarking Mistakes

"Avoiding Common Social Bookmarking Mistakes"There are many tools available on the World Wide Web today that can really help to make an Internet marketer’s career a true success. Of the many tools that are out there, social bookmarking is among one of the most valuable. With social bookmarking, you can get the word out about your business and really direct it toward your targeted audience. Despite how beneficial social bookmarking can be for your business, if you really want to have success with it, you must be aware that there are some common mistakes that Internet marketers often make and if you really want to succeed with this tool, then you must be aware of and know how to avoid these mistakes. That being said, here is a list of common social bookmarking mistakes and ways that you can avoid them:

  1. Do NOT Spam the Social Bookmarking Sites. This is a big, huge No-No! Never, ever spam when you are posting your site to a social bookmarking site. If you post a sales pitch in the messages area, you run a very high risk of ruing the reputation of your business. Simple enough to avoid; just don’t do it.
  2. Don’t Submit to the Wrong Categories. Make sure that you choose the right categories when you submit your bookmarks. If you choose random submissions, people who are really searching for a site like yours won’t be able to find it, which kind of nulls the whole point of social bookmarking.
  3. Don’t Select Improper Keywords or Tags. Keywords and tags are what help you get your site noticed on a social bookmarking site. If you want to make sure that your site gets noticed, choose keywords and tags that actually relate to your site. On the same end, try not to use general tags or keywords that many other people may also be using. This can help to detract from the visibility of your site.
  4. Don’t Bookmark a Page with Low or No Quality Content. You may have a page on your site that simply shows prices and photos. In terms of social bookmarking, this is a low or no quality page. People who are looking for website via social bookmarking want to find sites that are pertinent to what they are looking to find out. If you add a low or no quality content page, then people aren’t going to find any value in your page and you will thus, have wasted their time. Doing this can have a negative effect on your business.
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