Avoiding Blog Writer’s Block With These Simple Tips

"Avoiding Blog Writer's Block With These Simple Tips"As someone who has been in the Internet marketing industry for a long time and as someone who owns and maintains a lot of blogs, I understand how important it is to constantly update blogs in order to enhance the success of business. That being said, when you have to constantly generate new blog posts, I know how draining it can be. Getting blog writers block is par for this course in this industry. If you do experience a case of blog writers block (which I am sure that you will from time to time,) don’t just throw in the towel or put your blog posts on hiatus; use these simple tips to help you avoid getting stuck in the rut of blog writers block.

  • Look for inspiration. Look for inspiration to help you write your blog posts. If you have a blog that is in the craft niche, for example, have a visit to the craft store. Take a look at the different supplies that are out there and the different ideas that you see on the shelves. These things will help to inspire some new and engaging blog post topics.
  • Write during your best hours. We all have a time of day that we function better during. For me, I function better during the early morning hours, so this is when I tend to compose the majority of my blog posts. If you function better during the night time hours, try composing your blog posts during this time. When you write during your best hours, you will find that the ideas will flow a whole lot better.
  • Dedicate time. You may want to set aside a specific period of time for you to work on writing blog posts. For example, you may want to only write one or two days a week, or you may operate better if you write one or two hours a day during your peak performance hours.
  • Walk away. If you really find that you have hit the wall; that you have really just gone blank and can’t think of a single thing to write that will make for an engaging, informative or eye-catching blog posts – just walk away. The more you stare at your computer screen, the more frustrated you are going to become. Get up, stretch, take a walk, drink a cup of coffee, read for a bit; do whatever you can to take your mind off of writing for a bit and then come back to it. Sometimes you just need to walk away in order to give your brain a break.
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